Why Now is The Perfect Time to Invest in a Deck

When it comes to improving your home, there’s no bigger bang for your buck than building a deck. Adding one to the outside of your house not only increases its value by 16 percent, according to Remodeling Magazine , but also gives you an outdoor space that can be used with friends and family year-round.

While building a deck may seem like an expensive undertaking, the truth is that it can actually save you money in the long run as well as improve your quality of life significantly. Here are four reasons why now is the perfect time to invest in a new deck:

A Versatile Space That Can Be Used Year-Round

The biggest benefit of having a deck is getting outside during any season without having to worry about the weather. A good deck can be used as an extra living space, entertainment area and more for friends and family without the need to spend money on external parties like caterers or going out of your home. This makes it the perfect place to throw a party, have a game night with the kids or just relax in your own backyard instead of having to travel outside of it. What’s more, if you live in a cold climate, your deck is a great place to sit when it’s snowing outside — you’ll have sun through most of the year and will only need heaters during winter temperatures.

A Simple Space That Lends Itself to Customization

As well as being versatile, decks are also very easy to create and customise, meaning you can build one that works perfectly for your family. This is especially useful if you want something that will suit children who may not be able to navigate stairs comfortably or active adults who want a space that’s easy to move around on (note: removing steps from a deck is illegal in some states).

For less than $50, you can also buy an artificial turf mat to put down on your deck so it stays warm during winter months while anything from astroturf to solar lights are perfect for adding extra atmosphere at minimal cost. Plus, with modern technology being designed to be more usable outdoors nowadays, having a deck gives you the perfect opportunity to get the most out of it through outdoor speakers or even installing a WiFi antenna to watch movies.

For Your Family, For Yourself and For Outdoor Entertaining

If you have a family with children, having a deck is also great for putting them outside in the fresh air when bad weather hits — both so that they can play safe in your backyard instead of crossing roads while playing outdoors but also for their physical health as being active outdoors has been proven to help develop strong bones, muscles and reflexes. The same goes for older generations who may not be able to navigate stairs well or families where someone has mobility issues which could make it difficult for them to play on grass or use an unusual outdoor space safely without supports . Everyone deserves access to natural light during the day regardless of their situation, why shouldn’t they also have free access to the great outdoors?

Finally, when you build a deck, it’s not just for your own enjoyment but that of anyone else who will be using it. If you’re planning on throwing parties at home regularly over summer months or want to entertain guests in your backyard during the warmer seasons, a new deck is an investment that is guaranteed to increase the value and quality of life for everyone involved.

Ultimately, building a deck is cheaper than hiring out space (you can often hire inside areas for entertaining such as theatres) or even going out with friends and family — as well as being more convenient for anything from hosting children’s birthday parties to sharing coffee and cake with family on Sunday mornings during spring and summertime.

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