Where to Buy a Lock Pick Set

buy a lock pick set

A buy-a-lock pick set  is a tool that includes the tension wrenches and the pick tools, which are used to manipulate pins inside the plug of the lock. It’s not something that people carry with criminal intent, but it’s a handy tool to have for day-to-day needs such as opening a locked door. Especially in an apocalyptic scenario like a zombie outbreak or mass global collapse, having a basic lock picking set on hand could save the day. The smallest, most portable lock picking tools are pocket-sized, and fit neatly in a wallet or on a key ring.

The best place to buy a lock pick set is online, where you’ll be able to research the different brands and models and choose what fits your budget and needs. The three main characteristics to consider are the type of picks, the size of the picks and the number of picks included in a set.

Ready to Start Picking Locks? How to Buy the Perfect Lock Pick Set

There are two different types of lock picks- hooks and rakes. Hooks are designed to manipulate one pin at a time, and require more skill, time and practice but are capable of unlocking any pin tumbler lock (even challenging ones). Rakes are a crowbar-like pick that can manipulate multiple pins at once, and require less skill but may fall short against more complex locks.

To purchase a quality lock pick set, look for brands that are known for high quality, such as Peterson, Multipick, Sparrows, SouthOrd and Lock Law Tools. If you’re a beginner, you can also buy a starter set that is specifically designed for beginners, such as Dangerfield Serenity or Goso Beginners Lock Pick Set.

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