Treadmill Maintenance Tips

Treadmills are complex pieces of equipment with many moving parts, hardware, and electrical components. They can break down and malfunction, especially without maintenance. And like other complex machines, the problem may seem minor at first, but it often snowballs into a bigger issue that requires more costly repairs.Learn more

Treadmill maintenance can include cleaning, belt lubrication, and inspection of the electronic components and safety features. Regularly performing these tasks will keep the treadmill running properly and minimize future repair costs.

Most of the electronics are contained within the console, so it’s important to wipe down the console after each use with a clean cloth. It’s also a good idea to vacuum the area around the treadmill deck and dust the motor compartment every couple of weeks. This will prevent pet hair, carpet fibers, and dirt from getting into the motor and causing damage.

Creating a Maintenance Schedule for Your Running Machine: Best Practices

If the treadmill is plugged into a wall outlet, consider plugging it into a surge protector to reduce the likelihood of damage from unexpected power surges. Treadmills draw a lot of electricity, and the computer system can be vulnerable to damaging currents from faulty outlets or even your home’s circuit breaker.

Finally, the wires connecting the console to the display should be regularly checked and tightened. Loose wires can be pulled loose by users and cause a circuit short. They can also be a fire hazard and can damage your treadmill if they get hot from overuse. If you notice a burning smell, turn off the treadmill and unplug it. It could be a sign that something is burning inside the treadmill, such as a piece of fabric caught in the motor or an object lodged under the belt.

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