Traffic Ticket Lawyers – How to Beat a Traffic Ticket


The Benjamin Goldman Law Offices is a traffic ticket lawyer nyc with the knowledge and experience to help you beat a traffic ticket. Traffic tickets can harm your driving record and raise insurance premiums. In addition, some traffic offenses carry the risk of points being reported to the driver’s record by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Points can also result in license suspension.

The best strategy to fight a traffic ticket is with an experienced attorney. The first step is to review the charges and determine if there are any grounds for contesting the ticket. An experienced lawyer can find a way to get the charges dropped, such as by challenging the officer’s probable cause or the accuracy of the radar gun used to measure your speed.

Legal Expertise in the Big Apple: Traffic Ticket Lawyers NYC

An experienced attorney can also challenge the subjective nature of an officer’s judgment by pointing out inconsistencies or errors in the evidence presented. For example, a police officer’s testimony that you were speeding can be challenged if there is video proof that shows you were within the legal limit.

In cases where the judge decides that you are guilty, an experienced traffic ticket lawyer can help you avoid the points, surcharge and other penalties by requesting a waiver. This is a more streamlined process than fighting your case in court. In addition, an experienced attorney can negotiate with the DMV to keep points off your driving record.

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