Modern house wall coverings

Tiling is the most widely used coating in kitchens and bathrooms. On the other hand, in the living room and in the bedrooms, the painting sticks with force. However, there is a lot of world outside of white walls and rectangular tiles. The new techniques allow to design the walls of the house with little effort and with an impressive result. If you are not satisfied with conventional coatings, here are some innovative ideas …

1. Stone can be a modern coating

We know that stone is not a new material: we find it on the walls of old rural houses and we associate it with classic buildings, castles and even walls. However, with the fashion of exposed materials, stone wall tiles return to surprise us and create truly avant-garde compositions.

In addition, beyond the aesthetic plane, it is important to remember that stone is a great insulator, both to keep the house cool in summer and to insulate it from the cold in winter.

2. New ideas for paint designs

Painting has evolved considerably in recent years. In the market we will find the most suitable paint for each room in the house. For both bathrooms and kitchens, the use of plastic or acrylic paints is recommended for their quick drying and resistance. For the kitchen make sure you choose a waterproof finish and easy to wash, to easily remove possible splashes.

As far as decoration is concerned, the combinations you can create with paint are almost endless: in the bathroom, you can combine paint with tiles; in the living room, you can intersperse paint with wallpaper.

3. The wallpaper returns to the load

After a long hiatus, the wallpaper is back stronger than ever. There are many experts who show modern and avant-garde designs. As with paint, wallpaper has been able to reinvent itself and adapt to the new needs of users. Thus, we find wall paper that resists even the humidity of the bathroom. Placing it is very simple and the offer of patterns and colors you will find is endless.

4. Vinyl applications

If you are not a big fan of wallpaper and painting alone seems like a small thing, it would not be bad to take a look at the applications on vinyl . They are very easy to place on the wall and very interesting compositions can be created very easily on all types of surfaces.

5. Wood for warmth

We are used to the fact that wood, far from serving as tiling, is used to make furniture pieces. However, with proper treatment, this material is very suitable for covering the interior walls of the house, both in the bedroom and in the bathroom or kitchen. In addition, the wood will bring a successful warm and homey touch to the decoration.

6. Tiles reinvent your home

Tiles are the quintessential covering of the most public area of ​​the home. Kitchen and bathroom walls are often lined with these pieces to protect them from moisture and stains. Since they arrived in Europe, in the 7th century through Al-Andalus, the tiles have changed a lot, and today it is possible to decorate even the bedroom or hall with them.

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