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15 Basics For Small Spaces

The reality is that today’s floors are getting smaller and smaller . Having a place to carry out each of the daily tasks, having room for storage and maintaining order without the stay being overwhelming, maintaining a beautiful and pleasant image may seem like an impossible mission. However, there are perfect furniture and accessories to make you gain spaciousness in small spaces, without giving up anything. Discover them here.

Sofa beds or modular

The former allow to have extra beds for visitors while acting as a sofa; If, in addition, they have a space to store sheets or other objects, they will be suitable. If you are not concerned about the issue of beds, you can always choose to place modular sofas, whose composition may vary depending on the space available or the need at the time.

Folding desks or shelves as a desk

Having a small study or room for the computer has become, today, a basic necessity. If you do not have a separate room for it, you can always opt for folding desks or folding tables, which provide a space for you to store both your computer and office supplies. Another simpler option is the use of shelves or shelves as a desk.

Trundle beds, built-in or folding

For guests or for everyday use, trundle, folding or even built-in beds are a perfect option for the smallest spaces. From mattresses hidden under platforms, in multi-level rooms, to cabinets that convert to beds. The point is not to give up your comfort or extra space, whatever the size of the room.

Built-in or open structure cabinets

Taking advantage of a setback in the wall or any structural pothole and turning it into a closet means making the most of the space and, incidentally, visually equalizing the walls of the room.

Organizers to keep order

For the kitchen, bathroom or closet … the organizers are perfect to keep everything in order : from trays with compartments for jewelry, accessories or underwear, to cutlery dividers, spice racks, magnet bars for knives, rotating and removable trays for cabinets corner holders, or boxes with divisions for beauty products. The more organized you have everything, the less time it will take to find it; In addition, you will have more space and a cleaner and more orderly vision. All are advantages.

Extendable or folding tables

Tables for large dinners that become small decorative surfaces: going from 4 to 10 people can be easy with an extendable table. If you do not have that space, it is best to opt for a folding table, which you can store when you are not going to use.

Multifunctional and decorative shoe racks

Built into the wall, in separate cabinets or as an auxiliary piece of furniture, as a hall or a simple support surface, are some of the options. You can put the shoe rack hidden or visible to everyone, in the hallway, hall , bathroom or bedroom. Keeping footwear in order and without taking up a lot of space can be simple, practical and even decorative.

Shelves and shelves

Indispensable in any room, the shelves and shelves can store everything from photos and toys to books and music devices. Depending on the materials, dimensions and supports, they can support more or less weight. If the space is very small, opt for flown shelves or light-colored shelves. The glass shelves are also visually light, which is why they are especially suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

Drawers under bed or couches

Shoes, sheets, blankets, clothes from another season, books, photos or suitcases. The underside of the bed can be a wonderful place to hide anything. Choose a bed with a trundle, a few drawers on wheels or simple plastic boxes and take advantage of the space.

Lift-up coffee tables or with integrated seats

Another option are those with integrated seats that integrate the poufs, chairs, armchairs or stools under the table, occupying exclusively the space of the table.

Folding chairs or stackable stools

Do not give up on visits, choose folding and / or stackable chairs or stools. Enjoy dinners or gatherings with friends and family and save space.

Baskets, boxes and other storage accessories

Boxes, drawers, baskets and baskets of any material and size are the best allies to hide everything that you do not want to be visible. From books, toys, clothes from another season, bathroom accessories, old objects … all of them take up too much space and, sometimes, are unsightly. Store them in boxes or baskets.

Chest of drawers

Drawers, especially if they have wheels, are very useful when storing any accessory, especially in the study, bedroom or bathroom . In this last room, they are an indispensable complement to keep the objects for the toilet at hand. If, in addition, it has a mirror, you will have achieved an extra space for your beauty rituals.

Wheeled trolleys

In the kitchen, to store kitchen utensils or food cans; in the bathroom, for hygiene products; in the baby’s room, for diapers and other objects for diaper changes; in the study, to store craft things, papers or office supplies. Wheeled carts fit everything you want and more, and you can easily move them around the house!

Multi-purpose footrest

The footrests can be a very multifunctional complement, perfect for the smallest spaces. Thus, in addition to allowing you to support your feet, you can use it as an auxiliary table or as a seat for young and old.…

The Arrival Of Autumn: Here’s How To Prepare Your Home

After a long summer with more than one and two heat waves, autumn has arrived. The high temperatures subside, the trees turn red and you start to feel like spending more time at home. After the splendid summer days there are those who feel something of melancholy when the daylight hours begin to decrease and the first rains arrive. Condition your home properly and enjoy the warmth of your home …

1. Insulate doors and windows and save on electricity bills

Ensuring that the insulation of your doors and windows is adequate can help you save a lot on your electricity bill. There are different types of windows, depending on their material: the wooden ones, for example, are somewhat more expensive than the PVC ones, but they will last in perfect condition much longer.

2. Invest in textiles

If you don’t have the budget to renovate your windows this fall, don’t despair. The right textiles can make your home a much more pleasant space. Choose thick curtains that stop the air that can enter through the slits; place a warm rug next to the sofas and next to the bed; cushions and pillows, in addition to decorating your home, will make you feel more comfortable in it. Do not forget to always have a blanket on hand and invest a little money in a good quilt.

3. Take time to renovate the bathroom

In winter, the bathroom becomes one of the most important rooms in the home. Autumn is the best time to analyze it thoroughly and decide if we miss something or if there is something that we can improve. Would you like to renew the coatings? Does your bathtub need any repair or do you want to change it for a shower? Now is the time to renew and change what you consider necessary so that, in winter , your only concern is to relax in the shower.

4. Fireplaces to combat the cold

While stoves and radiators are elements that we try to hide at all costs, fireplaces will become the main element of your living room. Today there are countless models and it is already possible to install a fireplace even in the most unsuspected spaces.

5. Plants and flowers to clean the air

With the cold, you want more to stay at home and enjoy the warmth of the home. Now that we spend more time indoors and that low temperatures force us to close our house tight, it is worth remembering a couple of aspects: ventilate your house daily , also before going to sleep; five minutes will be enough to renew the air in the bedroom and rest better. Also, do not forget to buy indoor plants and flowers, they will clean the air in the house and enliven the decoration.…

8 Cooking Basics For Beginners

A “kitchenette” is not born, it is made. It is important to remember that passions, like everything in life, must be worked on. But where do you start? Before running, you have to learn to walk and one of the first steps is to get a good kit of basic kitchen utensils. If you feel that your passion is in the kitchen, if you have just become independent or if this Christmas you want to be the most gourmet host, read on!

1. Well sharpened

When we think of a professional chef, we usually imagine him cutting ingredients super fast. What is your secret? Lots of practice and of course a good knife. Don’t be embarrassed to invest in a set of professional knives because they can make the difference between an amateur and a true chef.

2. Knock on wood

A good set of wooden spoons, forks, and spatulas will be great for cooking . Avoid metal as it can scratch the non-stick coating on pans and plastic utensils as they warp and melt in the heat.

3. Tabula rasa

Cutting boards are the foundation of every good kitchen. There are many shapes, sizes and materials, but the most recommended are those made of wood, because they are super durable and are also very easy to clean. How to clean it? Rub it with coarse salt from time to time and it will last a lifetime.

4. How much do you weigh?

100 grams of flour, 40 of butter, 200 of sugar… Practically all the recipes you can find in books, magazines and websites speak the language of grams. How do you plan to measure these quantities without a good scale? Choose one with a striking and beautiful design that brings life to your countertop .

5. Bat beating
A good and powerful mixer will help you prepare super rich recipes in a few minutes. Get one that includes a measuring cup because, in addition, it will help you measure amounts of liquids in a moment.

6. I have sneaked

We all know that pasta i that great friend who gets us out of great trouble. What is easier and more delicious than a good plate of macaroni and tomato? A strainer will be essential for you. Choose one, if possible, metallic and of a large size.

7. But first, coffee

Man does not live on water alone. If you consider yourself a good host, you need a coffee set to offer to your guests after eating. Now that Christmas dinners are closer, a coffee maker and a nice set will be of great help.

8. The uniform

What would a chef be without his apron? Let your imagination fly and choose the most fun. Hey, cook!…

Modern house wall coverings

Tiling is the most widely used coating in kitchens and bathrooms. On the other hand, in the living room and in the bedrooms, the painting sticks with force. However, there is a lot of world outside of white walls and rectangular tiles. The new techniques allow to design the walls of the house with little effort and with an impressive result. If you are not satisfied with conventional coatings, here are some innovative ideas …

1. Stone can be a modern coating

We know that stone is not a new material: we find it on the walls of old rural houses and we associate it with classic buildings, castles and even walls. However, with the fashion of exposed materials, stone wall tiles return to surprise us and create truly avant-garde compositions.

In addition, beyond the aesthetic plane, it is important to remember that stone is a great insulator, both to keep the house cool in summer and to insulate it from the cold in winter.

2. New ideas for paint designs

Painting has evolved considerably in recent years. In the market we will find the most suitable paint for each room in the house. For both bathrooms and kitchens, the use of plastic or acrylic paints is recommended for their quick drying and resistance. For the kitchen make sure you choose a waterproof finish and easy to wash, to easily remove possible splashes.

As far as decoration is concerned, the combinations you can create with paint are almost endless: in the bathroom, you can combine paint with tiles; in the living room, you can intersperse paint with wallpaper.

3. The wallpaper returns to the load

After a long hiatus, the wallpaper is back stronger than ever. There are many experts who show modern and avant-garde designs. As with paint, wallpaper has been able to reinvent itself and adapt to the new needs of users. Thus, we find wall paper that resists even the humidity of the bathroom. Placing it is very simple and the offer of patterns and colors you will find is endless.

4. Vinyl applications

If you are not a big fan of wallpaper and painting alone seems like a small thing, it would not be bad to take a look at the applications on vinyl . They are very easy to place on the wall and very interesting compositions can be created very easily on all types of surfaces.

5. Wood for warmth

We are used to the fact that wood, far from serving as tiling, is used to make furniture pieces. However, with proper treatment, this material is very suitable for covering the interior walls of the house, both in the bedroom and in the bathroom or kitchen. In addition, the wood will bring a successful warm and homey touch to the decoration.

6. Tiles reinvent your home

Tiles are the quintessential covering of the most public area of ​​the home. Kitchen and bathroom walls are often lined with these pieces to protect them from moisture and stains. Since they arrived in Europe, in the 7th century through Al-Andalus, the tiles have changed a lot, and today it is possible to decorate even the bedroom or hall with them.

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How To Renovate The Kitchen Without Works

Modernizing the kitchen and making it look the latest is possible without the need for renovations or a large outlay of money. You just need to make small gestures that, simply, manage to provide a luxurious image to this space.

Furniture And Appliances

Renewing the appearance of the furniture is easier than it seems. There are water-based enamels, specific for furniture, resistant to steam, condensation and grease, and an easy-to-clean finish. With them, you can change the color of the furniture and give it that shiny look like when it was new. Another option is to choose vinyl paper. Resistant to heat and humidity, it is easy to install: make sure the surface is clean and dry, and make sure there are no air pockets or wrinkles. Finally, decorative vinyl, which gives joy to furniture or household appliances, is a simple and clean method that will change the kitchen decoration.

The Walls And Floors

When it comes to changing walls and floors, the options are multiple. First, as with furniture, you can choose to place adhesive sheets, imitation of tile, or porcelain, which can endure on the walls in a lasting way. Another option is the use of synthetic glazes for tiles: resistant to moisture and heat, and easy to clean, they are perfect for giving a shiny touch or for changing color; After application, use a joint marking to define them. Also, a natural remedy is the use of undiluted vinegar. For floors, you can opt for vinyl papers that imitate textures such as ceramic or wood or click parquet, which allows it to be placed on the current floor.

Spaces For Storage

No matter the storage capacity you have, it is always insufficient. Therefore, it is best to create new spaces that allow you to take advantage of every corner. The walls can help: the wall bars make it possible to hang numerous utensils, and the flown shelves are ideal for placing not too heavy and useful decorative objects. Any corner is capable of housing a corner cabinet: to better access these spaces; it is best to place a removable rotating tray. Also, pieces such as waitresses, the office or kitchen islands have a dual function, since they make it possible to gain extra storage space.

The Little Details

Little details matter much more than you might imagine. Changing the knobs or handles of cabinets and drawers can give a new image to the room, make it more classic or avant-garde. Other elements susceptible to change can be textiles: curtains, cloths, mittens, aprons, tablecloths … You just have to choose the fabrics, colors, and patterns closest to the desired style. Items such as the garbage can or containers for spices bring a new vision by hiding or changing their shape and/or color. Finally, objects of great decorative value such as prints or paintings of culinary motifs, photographs, candles, clocks, and plants, create a renewed and fresh image of the space. In the case of plants, you can choose aromatic herbs that fulfill a double function.

The Dining Area

If the kitchen has an integrated dining area, changing it can be a breath of fresh air: from replacing the furniture (chairs or stools and table) to its distribution. To do this, space, light, and use given to this area must be taken into account. Sometimes, just varying the accessories or textiles is enough.

Maintain Order And Cleanliness

In places like the kitchen, hygiene is important. Also, an orderly and clean space generates a feeling of spaciousness. Therefore, having a kitchen in order makes cleaning easier and helps space look bigger. To achieve this, you can use a multitude of accessories such as organizers for pots, plates, cutlery, spice racks, removable rotating trays, and a myriad of elements.

Light-Filled Spaces

Depending on the distribution of the furniture, you have to opt for a light plan or another. Be that as it may, you must have a general light that illuminates the entire room; Currently, fluorescent lamps have been replaced by white light halogens, or downlights, which give off a more pleasant and intense light. The spotlights help create a more comfortable environment: at the bottom of tall cabinets, over the office or dining area, inside cabinets or backlit shelves that highlight objects.

New Faucets, New Kitchen

Because they leak, fill with lime, the joints are damaged or simply because their design is out of fashion. Changing a faucet is easy and inexpensive. You just have to choose a model that goes with the style of the kitchen: classic, with curves and handles, modern with straight lines, or a professional one.