15 Basics For Small Spaces

The reality is that today’s floors are getting smaller and smaller . Having a place to carry out each of the daily tasks, having room for storage and maintaining order without the stay being overwhelming, maintaining a beautiful and pleasant image may seem like an impossible mission. However, there are perfect furniture and accessories to make you gain spaciousness in small spaces, without giving up anything. Discover them here.

Sofa beds or modular

The former allow to have extra beds for visitors while acting as a sofa; If, in addition, they have a space to store sheets or other objects, they will be suitable. If you are not concerned about the issue of beds, you can always choose to place modular sofas, whose composition may vary depending on the space available or the need at the time.

Folding desks or shelves as a desk

Having a small study or room for the computer has become, today, a basic necessity. If you do not have a separate room for it, you can always opt for folding desks or folding tables, which provide a space for you to store both your computer and office supplies. Another simpler option is the use of shelves or shelves as a desk.

Trundle beds, built-in or folding

For guests or for everyday use, trundle, folding or even built-in beds are a perfect option for the smallest spaces. From mattresses hidden under platforms, in multi-level rooms, to cabinets that convert to beds. The point is not to give up your comfort or extra space, whatever the size of the room.

Built-in or open structure cabinets

Taking advantage of a setback in the wall or any structural pothole and turning it into a closet means making the most of the space and, incidentally, visually equalizing the walls of the room.

Organizers to keep order

For the kitchen, bathroom or closet … the organizers are perfect to keep everything in order : from trays with compartments for jewelry, accessories or underwear, to cutlery dividers, spice racks, magnet bars for knives, rotating and removable trays for cabinets corner holders, or boxes with divisions for beauty products. The more organized you have everything, the less time it will take to find it; In addition, you will have more space and a cleaner and more orderly vision. All are advantages.

Extendable or folding tables

Tables for large dinners that become small decorative surfaces: going from 4 to 10 people can be easy with an extendable table. If you do not have that space, it is best to opt for a folding table, which you can store when you are not going to use.

Multifunctional and decorative shoe racks

Built into the wall, in separate cabinets or as an auxiliary piece of furniture, as a hall or a simple support surface, are some of the options. You can put the shoe rack hidden or visible to everyone, in the hallway, hall , bathroom or bedroom. Keeping footwear in order and without taking up a lot of space can be simple, practical and even decorative.

Shelves and shelves

Indispensable in any room, the shelves and shelves can store everything from photos and toys to books and music devices. Depending on the materials, dimensions and supports, they can support more or less weight. If the space is very small, opt for flown shelves or light-colored shelves. The glass shelves are also visually light, which is why they are especially suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

Drawers under bed or couches

Shoes, sheets, blankets, clothes from another season, books, photos or suitcases. The underside of the bed can be a wonderful place to hide anything. Choose a bed with a trundle, a few drawers on wheels or simple plastic boxes and take advantage of the space.

Lift-up coffee tables or with integrated seats

Another option are those with integrated seats that integrate the poufs, chairs, armchairs or stools under the table, occupying exclusively the space of the table.

Folding chairs or stackable stools

Do not give up on visits, choose folding and / or stackable chairs or stools. Enjoy dinners or gatherings with friends and family and save space.

Baskets, boxes and other storage accessories

Boxes, drawers, baskets and baskets of any material and size are the best allies to hide everything that you do not want to be visible. From books, toys, clothes from another season, bathroom accessories, old objects … all of them take up too much space and, sometimes, are unsightly. Store them in boxes or baskets.

Chest of drawers

Drawers, especially if they have wheels, are very useful when storing any accessory, especially in the study, bedroom or bathroom . In this last room, they are an indispensable complement to keep the objects for the toilet at hand. If, in addition, it has a mirror, you will have achieved an extra space for your beauty rituals.

Wheeled trolleys

In the kitchen, to store kitchen utensils or food cans; in the bathroom, for hygiene products; in the baby’s room, for diapers and other objects for diaper changes; in the study, to store craft things, papers or office supplies. Wheeled carts fit everything you want and more, and you can easily move them around the house!

Multi-purpose footrest

The footrests can be a very multifunctional complement, perfect for the smallest spaces. Thus, in addition to allowing you to support your feet, you can use it as an auxiliary table or as a seat for young and old.

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