What’s New on the Burger King Menu?

Every fast-food burger king meniu chain has its signature burger, but once you get that settled you have to decide how to fill out the rest of the menu. The side options, drinks and desserts are all important components of a well-rounded menu. But the real test comes in deciding what kind of wild territory you want to go into with your sandwich creations.

Burger King is no stranger to the crazy, and it has certainly tried its hand at some weirdness with a few items on the menu. However, it has also taken some things off the menu that were a bit more lackluster. These items may have been pulled for a variety of reasons, from poor sales to cost cutting or simply to make the menu less complex.

Exploring the Burger King Menu: A Culinary Journey

One of the strangest things to ever come from a Burger King restaurant is the Big Head King. This burger features a patty with an oversized head, presumably as a playfully groovy way to poke fun at competitors that feature larger heads on their burgers.

Burger King is also known for its secret menu, which includes an expected riposte to McDonald’s iconic secret menu item. They also offer some other dishes that aren’t Whopper-centric, like the croissan’wich, which is a croissant breakfast sandwich with several different fillings. And, of course, they have plenty of beverage choices, including milkshakes. They’re even available in a few different flavors! You can order these items online, or you can go to the nearest location to try them for yourself.

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