Weld Analyzers From ENTRON

A weld analyzer is a system that checks the quality of welded seams using an optical camera. It is typically used in the automotive industry to inspect welding work on car components. Its use enables you to quickly detect and resolve problems before they become serious. This is essential for quality assurance and for achieving compliance with industry standards.

Typical defects in resistance welds are cracks, spatter and incomplete penetration of the arc. These problems must be detected in a relatively early stage so that they can be remedied, and the quality of the welding results improved. The analysis is carried out using a camera in conjunction with a software program. The software then records the weld image and evaluates it in terms of its consistency, quality and appearance. The results are stored as a graphical evaluation.

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The weld analyzers from ENTRON are designed for use with today’s advanced resistance welding systems. The WA2 is a small, portable and robust device that can be used anywhere in the workshop. It can be easily slid into a toolbox and is equipped with rechargeable batteries.

The Qeye 800 is an ideal weld analyzer for standardized weld inspections according to DIN EN ISO 5817. All measurement tools – including the A dimension, depth burn-in and evaluation limits as well as a standard-compliant inspection report – are integrated in the proven and user-friendly Qpix Control 2 software. Moreover, it is possible to create individual customer templates for the inspection process.

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