The Arrival Of Autumn: Here’s How To Prepare Your Home

After a long summer with more than one and two heat waves, autumn has arrived. The high temperatures subside, the trees turn red and you start to feel like spending more time at home. After the splendid summer days there are those who feel something of melancholy when the daylight hours begin to decrease and the first rains arrive. Condition your home properly and enjoy the warmth of your home …

1. Insulate doors and windows and save on electricity bills

Ensuring that the insulation of your doors and windows is adequate can help you save a lot on your electricity bill. There are different types of windows, depending on their material: the wooden ones, for example, are somewhat more expensive than the PVC ones, but they will last in perfect condition much longer.

2. Invest in textiles

If you don’t have the budget to renovate your windows this fall, don’t despair. The right textiles can make your home a much more pleasant space. Choose thick curtains that stop the air that can enter through the slits; place a warm rug next to the sofas and next to the bed; cushions and pillows, in addition to decorating your home, will make you feel more comfortable in it. Do not forget to always have a blanket on hand and invest a little money in a good quilt.

3. Take time to renovate the bathroom

In winter, the bathroom becomes one of the most important rooms in the home. Autumn is the best time to analyze it thoroughly and decide if we miss something or if there is something that we can improve. Would you like to renew the coatings? Does your bathtub need any repair or do you want to change it for a shower? Now is the time to renew and change what you consider necessary so that, in winter , your only concern is to relax in the shower.

4. Fireplaces to combat the cold

While stoves and radiators are elements that we try to hide at all costs, fireplaces will become the main element of your living room. Today there are countless models and it is already possible to install a fireplace even in the most unsuspected spaces.

5. Plants and flowers to clean the air

With the cold, you want more to stay at home and enjoy the warmth of the home. Now that we spend more time indoors and that low temperatures force us to close our house tight, it is worth remembering a couple of aspects: ventilate your house daily , also before going to sleep; five minutes will be enough to renew the air in the bedroom and rest better. Also, do not forget to buy indoor plants and flowers, they will clean the air in the house and enliven the decoration.

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