Sights to See When Traveling in London

traveling in London

There are plenty of sights to see when traveling in traveling in London . From the Palace of Westminster and Trafalgar Square to the London Eye and art galleries, there’s no shortage of landmarks that elicit both intrigue and excitement.

But London’s not all ancient history, and there are plenty of newer attractions to check out as well. The Tower of London, for example, is a must-see for many visitors, but there’s also the new Millennium Bridge (which seems to generate almost as much discussion as Shakespeare’s Globe theatre), the modern Tate Modern and the glitzy and dazzling Shard, Western Europe’s tallest building.

Shopping is another major aspect of London’s appeal, and the famous Oxford Street is considered Europe’s finest. You can also take a break from the shops in one of the city’s many parks, such as St. James’s Park or the larger Hyde Park, which is also home to Winter Wonderland during the holidays.

London Calling: A Traveler’s Guide to Exploring the Best of the Capital

One mistake that travelers often make is trying to see everything in London in one busy week. Plan on a minimum of three days for your first visit and be sure to book your sightseeing experiences and visits in advance. This way, you can avoid long queues and spend more time actually exploring the city.

Summer is the most popular season for visiting England, but it’s also a bit too hot for some visitors. Spring and fall are milder, while winter is great for Christmas markets and the many family-friendly activities.

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