Queens’ First Women-Owned Weed Dispensary Opens in Queens

If you’re a legal marijuana user in New York City then it’s no secret that there are many ways to buy weed in NYC. You can find THC products in bodegas, you can get weed from people selling it out of their vans, and you can even purchase weed online! But, the best way to buy weed in Queens right now is through a regulated dispensary.

How old do you have to be to go to a dispensary in NYC?

The state’s first woman-owned and operated cannabis Dispensary Queens opened on Thursday in Jamaica Avenue as part of the effort to promote equity in weed licensing. The store, Good Grades, is operated by entrepreneur Extasy James and her cousin, Michael James, an attorney who is a legal advocate for minority business owners. The cousins got their license through the state program that helps formerly incarcerated and criminal justice-involved people start businesses.

They plan to employ a dozen people and use the money they make to help their 6-year-old daughter, as well as to build generational wealth for their family. Good Grades is opening as a “pop-up” under the state’s Social Equity Cannabis Investment Fund, which allows stores to open on a short-term basis to fast-track sales and provide training opportunities for workers. The dispensary will close after 30 days for final construction before reopening permanently later this year.

The cousins are also aiming to use their business to address racial disparities in marijuana arrests, which are still prevalent in Queens neighborhoods like Flushing and Forest Hills. Blacks and Latinos are more likely to be arrested for marijuana-related offenses in those areas compared to white residents, according to a report by the Office of Cannabis Management.

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