IPQS Email Verification

IPQS email verification is designed to help you verify emails in bulk with an accuracy rate of 99%, improve sender reputation & deliverability and eliminate spam traps & dead-ends from your database.

Verify Emails with SMTP authentication:

The simplest way to check an email address is to simply trigger a “ping” or “mail” query on the corresponding SMTP server. The ping response if successful will indicate that the address is active, which means it can safely receive real emails from you.

However, this method is not always reliable as many mail service providers outright block traditional email verification requests. That’s why IPQS has developed a series of proprietary methods to support a wide range of email verification coverage & detection rates that other services just can’t match.

IPQS Email Verification: Features, Benefits, and How It Works for Your Business

Another SMTP verification feature that is crucial for identifying garbage email addresses is a MX record check, which determines whether an email’s domain is actually hosted on the internet. Most SMTP servers will immediately block a verification request if it’s sent to an invalid MX record, which makes this a critical step in the email verification process.

Fraud score checking:

Lastly, IPQS includes a fraud scoring check that helps to detect fraudulent & risky users based on the email address’s history of sending out spam or stealing identities online. This information is incredibly valuable for investigators who are searching for clues about a suspect’s activities or looking for ways to identify a suspicious email address.

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