How to Use an Instagram Sticker For Car Marketing

Instagram sticker for car are more than just a fun add-on that layers smiley faces onto your Stories—they can play an integral role in helping you generate social proof, engagement, reach, and traffic to your profile or website. But in order to maximize their impact, you need to understand how different stickers work and what effect they have on your Stories performance.

How do you make custom stickers?

Instagram introduced its stickers feature in 2016 to help businesses be more creative on the platform. They’re dynamic graphic elements that can be added to image and video Stories. Some are animated or clickable, making them fun and engaging for users to interact with.

Adding a sticker to your story is easy: Tap the square smiley face icon on the top of your screen to browse customizable and interactive options. Hashtag and mention stickers let you tag other accounts in your Stories so their followers can view the content tagged (you can only use one hashtag sticker per Story, but multiple mention stickers are allowed). Music stickers allow you to add background music from Spotify to your Stories—a great way to connect with audiences through shared tastes. And countdown stickers can be used to promote upcoming events or promotions.

Other useful or functional stickers include a “sound on” sticker that encourages users to enable sound on your videos, and a “shoppable” sticker that lets you link to products you sell and direct viewers to your site. Instagram also recently got rid of its swipe-up feature and replaced it with a link sticker that can be customized to label the URL you’re linking to more creatively.

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