How to Use an Email Checker to Ensure Your Marketing Emails Are Delivered

The email checker is a key piece of email verification software that ensures your marketing emails are valid and reaching the right people. It can help you avoid the costs of hard and soft bounces, maximize your email deliverability score, and prevent your business from getting blacklisted by ISPs and ESPs. Using an online email checker is also faster and more reliable than doing it manually with command line tools such as ping or PuTTY.

Email Checker: Ensure the Authenticity of Your Contacts

Most of the time, an email checker simply checks if the address meets some basic criteria such as having the @ sign and being valid. Then, it pings the email server to see if it exists and can receive messages. Some of the more advanced email checkers go even further and perform domain validation, syntax checking, and other tests to make sure that the domain name, mail server, and email account all exist and can receive emails. They can also identify catch-all addresses that don’t exist or are used as spam traps by ISPs and anti-spam services.

Email verification can be done at the point of collecting emails (qualifying leads as they complete your data collection forms), or it can be checked in bulk for a list of addresses. Alternatively, email checking can be embedded into your applications with APIs provided by email verifier. Using APIs, you can integrate the service into your CRMs, email marketing tools, cloud storages, transactional email services, spreadsheet apps, and more to automatically validate email addresses and qualify them in real-time.

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