How To Renovate The Kitchen Without Works

Modernizing the kitchen and making it look the latest is possible without the need for renovations or a large outlay of money. You just need to make small gestures that, simply, manage to provide a luxurious image to this space.

Furniture And Appliances

Renewing the appearance of the furniture is easier than it seems. There are water-based enamels, specific for furniture, resistant to steam, condensation and grease, and an easy-to-clean finish. With them, you can change the color of the furniture and give it that shiny look like when it was new. Another option is to choose vinyl paper. Resistant to heat and humidity, it is easy to install: make sure the surface is clean and dry, and make sure there are no air pockets or wrinkles. Finally, decorative vinyl, which gives joy to furniture or household appliances, is a simple and clean method that will change the kitchen decoration.

The Walls And Floors

When it comes to changing walls and floors, the options are multiple. First, as with furniture, you can choose to place adhesive sheets, imitation of tile, or porcelain, which can endure on the walls in a lasting way. Another option is the use of synthetic glazes for tiles: resistant to moisture and heat, and easy to clean, they are perfect for giving a shiny touch or for changing color; After application, use a joint marking to define them. Also, a natural remedy is the use of undiluted vinegar. For floors, you can opt for vinyl papers that imitate textures such as ceramic or wood or click parquet, which allows it to be placed on the current floor.

Spaces For Storage

No matter the storage capacity you have, it is always insufficient. Therefore, it is best to create new spaces that allow you to take advantage of every corner. The walls can help: the wall bars make it possible to hang numerous utensils, and the flown shelves are ideal for placing not too heavy and useful decorative objects. Any corner is capable of housing a corner cabinet: to better access these spaces; it is best to place a removable rotating tray. Also, pieces such as waitresses, the office or kitchen islands have a dual function, since they make it possible to gain extra storage space.

The Little Details

Little details matter much more than you might imagine. Changing the knobs or handles of cabinets and drawers can give a new image to the room, make it more classic or avant-garde. Other elements susceptible to change can be textiles: curtains, cloths, mittens, aprons, tablecloths … You just have to choose the fabrics, colors, and patterns closest to the desired style. Items such as the garbage can or containers for spices bring a new vision by hiding or changing their shape and/or color. Finally, objects of great decorative value such as prints or paintings of culinary motifs, photographs, candles, clocks, and plants, create a renewed and fresh image of the space. In the case of plants, you can choose aromatic herbs that fulfill a double function.

The Dining Area

If the kitchen has an integrated dining area, changing it can be a breath of fresh air: from replacing the furniture (chairs or stools and table) to its distribution. To do this, space, light, and use given to this area must be taken into account. Sometimes, just varying the accessories or textiles is enough.

Maintain Order And Cleanliness

In places like the kitchen, hygiene is important. Also, an orderly and clean space generates a feeling of spaciousness. Therefore, having a kitchen in order makes cleaning easier and helps space look bigger. To achieve this, you can use a multitude of accessories such as organizers for pots, plates, cutlery, spice racks, removable rotating trays, and a myriad of elements.

Light-Filled Spaces

Depending on the distribution of the furniture, you have to opt for a light plan or another. Be that as it may, you must have a general light that illuminates the entire room; Currently, fluorescent lamps have been replaced by white light halogens, or downlights, which give off a more pleasant and intense light. The spotlights help create a more comfortable environment: at the bottom of tall cabinets, over the office or dining area, inside cabinets or backlit shelves that highlight objects.

New Faucets, New Kitchen

Because they leak, fill with lime, the joints are damaged or simply because their design is out of fashion. Changing a faucet is easy and inexpensive. You just have to choose a model that goes with the style of the kitchen: classic, with curves and handles, modern with straight lines, or a professional one.

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