How To Properly Design Your Deck?

With the arrival of sunny days, it is time to think about the layout of your garden. If your home construction is coming to an end, you are probably considering building a deck to enjoy your backyard this summer. Do you want to do it yourself and need some professional advice? Follow this guide!

First, you have to ask yourself the following question: How do you plan to use your deck? It is by finding the answer to this question that you will guide your choices.

The surface of your deck

Depending on the use you plan for your deck, you will be able to determine its surface area: Most deck companies, In general, usually know that 10 to 15 m² is sufficient to enjoy a comfortable space, and 2 to 3 meters deep are necessary to circulate it. ‘a table. Suppose the surface of your garden allows it. You can create a deck over the entire width of your house to access it from each opening overlooking the garden and arrange your deck as you wish: garden furniture, summer kitchen, relaxation area, etc.

The shape of your deck

The most common shapes are square and rectangular. But nothing prevents you from creating an original shape: octagonal, rounded, or even a deck surrounding the house. In general, decks are located at the back of the house, but they can be located anywhere on the land.

The orientation of your deck

The best is if your deck is sunny for at least part of the day. You will need to study the course of the sun to design the most pleasant deck possible. But if you build your deck facing north, it will be impossible to come out of the shadows, without talking about the problems.

The choice of materials for your deck

Wood, composite, stone, tiling, paving stones… There are many materials to create your deck. The key to your choice is aesthetics: the siding must harmonize with your home and enhance it.

• Wood – Ideal for any type of architecture, all you need to do is match the wood of your deck with your home. Easy to maintain (black soap and water), it is advisable to treat your wood to avoid mold or the appearance of fungi of any kind.

• Composite wood – It looks like wood without having the disadvantages in terms of maintenance and color retention over time. However, be careful with the mechanical constraints of plastic, especially in terms of expansion.

• Stone – The most authentic is also the most expensive material. The installation is complex due to the weight of the stones and requires the particideckn of professionals if you are new to the subject.

• Tiling – With a wide color palette of “clay” colors, tiling is the best way to add color to your home. Its maintenance and simple and its cost are not very important.

• The paving stones – Typical of some houses, it will still be enough to match the paving stones with your home, to combine the colors. It is recommended to lay the pavers as you pour the concrete.

By following all these tips you will get a well-finished and lasting job, to finally enjoy your deck in all serenity.

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