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Phone Number Fraud Prevention

About 60% of cyberattacks start on mobile devices, and criminals can use your cell phone number to phish or even steal your personal information. That’s why it’s important to be cautious about giving your phone number to apps, websites, or businesses that you don’t trust. While never giving out your number isn’t feasible for most, being selective about which sites you give your number to is an effective way to avoid phone numbers fraud and scams.

The most phone number fraud prevention reason criminals want your phone number is to target you with robocalls, phishing calls, and other types of scams. However, they can also use it to take over your account with financial institutions or other sensitive online accounts, stealing passwords and usernames along with your PII.

Hang Up on Fraud: Strategies for Effective Phone Number Fraud Prevention

Hackers can also spoof your number to call your friends and family, pretending to be you. They can make your number appear as a tech support agent, the police, or charity caller, and convince your loved ones to wire money for their urgent needs.

To keep your phone number safe, check that you’re not listed on public directories like Whitepages or WhoEasy, and consider a call-blocking service that blocks known spam callers. Look for a service that uses multiple layers of screening to identify and block fraudulent calls, and one that also identifies VOIP and disposable/temporary numbers. Look for services that also use STIR/SHAKEN technology to authenticate incoming calls, as this new authentication framework combats caller ID spoofing.

The Dangers of Ytmp3 and How to Remove It From Your Computer

ytmp3 is an online tool that allows users to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files. This can be useful for music enthusiasts who want to download their favorite songs and listen to them offline. However, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with using this type of software. In this article, we will discuss the potential dangers of ytmp3 and provide instructions on how to remove it from your computer.

Is MP3 audio or video?

In addition to being free and easy to use, ytmp3 has a number of other features that make it an appealing option for music lovers. For example, it can be used to download Tiktok videos without watermarks and to create ad-free playlists. It also offers fast download speeds and high-quality audio output. Additionally, ytmp3 can be used on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

While ytmp3 is a convenient and effective way to download music from YouTube, it does have a few shortcomings. For one, it can be difficult to use when the internet connection is slow or intermittent. Additionally, ytmp3 can sometimes experience technical issues, such as errors in downloaded files.

Despite these drawbacks, ytmp3 is still an excellent choice for people who need to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files. Its simple, user-friendly interface makes the process quick and hassle-free, and it is compatible with a wide variety of platforms and browsers. In addition, it does not require any personal information or software installation, making it a safe and convenient option for music lovers.

How to Use a Fluted Panel Singapore to Elevate a Room


Fluted wall panels are a popular way to add texture, dimension, and visual interest to a room. They are also easy to install and relatively low-maintenance. Unlike traditional paint, fluted panels do not need to be frequently retouched or repainted. They are often made from recycled wood and plastics and are pliant, which makes them a good choice for use in areas where walls may be subject to water spillage or children running their toys along the walls.

Is fluted panel hard to clean?

A fluted wall panel can elevate the look of any room and make it feel warmer, more stylish, and taller. They can also protect walls from damage and wear. However, it’s important to choose a panel that will work with your space and decor. Using the right type of panel and applying it properly will ensure that your wall is both functional and attractive.

The easiest way to use a fluted panel is to create a feature wall. This is especially true in landed properties or condominiums, where there are larger amounts of wall space available. It’s also a great way to highlight an existing piece of artwork or to extend the design style from your home into the space.

A flat or plank fluted panel can be used to create a continuous line, or they can be arranged to make a pattern. For example, a fluted panel in oak finish can be used in the top half of a wall, while a plain white or off-white color is used for the bottom half. This technique is often used in commercial spaces, such as restaurants or retail stores, to draw attention to a specific area and create an atmosphere of elegance.

IPQS Email Verification

IPQS email verification is designed to help you verify emails in bulk with an accuracy rate of 99%, improve sender reputation & deliverability and eliminate spam traps & dead-ends from your database.

Verify Emails with SMTP authentication:

The simplest way to check an email address is to simply trigger a “ping” or “mail” query on the corresponding SMTP server. The ping response if successful will indicate that the address is active, which means it can safely receive real emails from you.

However, this method is not always reliable as many mail service providers outright block traditional email verification requests. That’s why IPQS has developed a series of proprietary methods to support a wide range of email verification coverage & detection rates that other services just can’t match.

IPQS Email Verification: Features, Benefits, and How It Works for Your Business

Another SMTP verification feature that is crucial for identifying garbage email addresses is a MX record check, which determines whether an email’s domain is actually hosted on the internet. Most SMTP servers will immediately block a verification request if it’s sent to an invalid MX record, which makes this a critical step in the email verification process.

Fraud score checking:

Lastly, IPQS includes a fraud scoring check that helps to detect fraudulent & risky users based on the email address’s history of sending out spam or stealing identities online. This information is incredibly valuable for investigators who are searching for clues about a suspect’s activities or looking for ways to identify a suspicious email address.