8 Cooking Basics For Beginners

A “kitchenette” is not born, it is made. It is important to remember that passions, like everything in life, must be worked on. But where do you start? Before running, you have to learn to walk and one of the first steps is to get a good kit of basic kitchen utensils. If you feel that your passion is in the kitchen, if you have just become independent or if this Christmas you want to be the most gourmet host, read on!

1. Well sharpened

When we think of a professional chef, we usually imagine him cutting ingredients super fast. What is your secret? Lots of practice and of course a good knife. Don’t be embarrassed to invest in a set of professional knives because they can make the difference between an amateur and a true chef.

2. Knock on wood

A good set of wooden spoons, forks, and spatulas will be great for cooking . Avoid metal as it can scratch the non-stick coating on pans and plastic utensils as they warp and melt in the heat.

3. Tabula rasa

Cutting boards are the foundation of every good kitchen. There are many shapes, sizes and materials, but the most recommended are those made of wood, because they are super durable and are also very easy to clean. How to clean it? Rub it with coarse salt from time to time and it will last a lifetime.

4. How much do you weigh?

100 grams of flour, 40 of butter, 200 of sugar… Practically all the recipes you can find in books, magazines and websites speak the language of grams. How do you plan to measure these quantities without a good scale? Choose one with a striking and beautiful design that brings life to your countertop .

5. Bat beating
A good and powerful mixer will help you prepare super rich recipes in a few minutes. Get one that includes a measuring cup because, in addition, it will help you measure amounts of liquids in a moment.

6. I have sneaked

We all know that pasta i that great friend who gets us out of great trouble. What is easier and more delicious than a good plate of macaroni and tomato? A strainer will be essential for you. Choose one, if possible, metallic and of a large size.

7. But first, coffee

Man does not live on water alone. If you consider yourself a good host, you need a coffee set to offer to your guests after eating. Now that Christmas dinners are closer, a coffee maker and a nice set will be of great help.

8. The uniform

What would a chef be without his apron? Let your imagination fly and choose the most fun. Hey, cook!

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