7 Common Mistakes Made When Lighting The House

Lighting the house can seem pretty straightforward. We plug in the lamp, we flip the switch, and voilĂ ! The room that was previously dark is now fully illuminated. However, there are certain mistakes that we frequently make and that we should avoid if we want to make our home environment more comfortable .

Place lights in a rowIn recent years, wall or ceiling recessed row lights have become very fashionable. This gives a very modern touch to the room, but the lighting is excessive. In addition, by considerably increasing energy consumption , it does not add any warmth or personality to the room .

If you put this type of lights, you will not make the bedroom cozy at night. Instead of placing all the lights on the ceiling, we recommend that you place some floor or table lamps , since this way, in addition, you will not have to strain your eyes if you are reading or writing. The lights Row may look great to organize a big party , but do not provide the intimacy and warmth that gives a table lamp when we are in the solitude of our room.

Not having lighting regulators

Many interior designers consider that one of the biggest mistakes made when lighting the home is not having dimmers. This type of device allows us to control the level of lighting we need at each moment of the day and for each occasion . For example, a romantic dinner is simply not as romantic if the dining room is lit up like a football stadium.

Misallocate lamps

Placing the lights in the wrong place can lead to serious shadow problems. For example, in the bathroom, if we place the light above, shadows can be cast on the face . Instead of placing a single pendant lamp, place sconces in the mirror so that your face is fully illuminated and you can see yourself well.

But it can also happen in the kitchen. If the lights are placed in the ceiling , when you get to prepare the food, the shadows may interfere with the work . To do this, we recommend placing lights at the bottom of the cabinets . If you have the same problem in the office, put a table lamp on your desk.

Choose wrong size lamps

This is the biggest mistakes homeowners make. For example, a too small lamp on a large dining table or a huge lamp next to an armchair makes everything look out of proportion. To choose the right size of lamps, you will have to take this into account. Also, you should know that in stores the lamps tend to look smaller than they actually are.

Not placing the lamps at the proper height

For a kitchen island, the height of a lamp should be between 75 and 90 centimeters . For a dining table 1.67 meters from the table surface . And if we are sitting next to a table lamp, the bottom of the shade should be at shoulder height.

Disregarding the paint color in the room

No matter how many lights we put in the room, we simply won’t have the feeling that it is illuminated if the walls are too dark. It may seem obvious, but even in very similar hues you can notice differences in lighting. So painting with a lighter color will make the room look brighter .

Forget that lights consume energy

It is obvious that you already know this, but it is important to take stock of the cost of lighting. It is true that LED bulbs are more expensive, but in the long term they represent a great saving in the electricity bill .

The best thing is that before lighting the rooms in your house contact a professional electrician to advise you on the placement and type of lighting. In the long run it will save you big trouble.

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