5 Essential Landscaping Tips For Your New Environment

Having a beautiful and well-planned green area is the dream of many people. In addition to making the home more cozy and inviting, the residential gardens help to keep everything cooler and airier, even in the hottest seasons of the year. However, to achieve this effect, it is necessary to invest in a good landscaping project, which combines beauty and functionality for the place.

Defining the layout of the room, choosing the right furniture, and perfecting the lighting are some essential landscaping tips for a beautiful design. In this post, we will explain better what you need to consider in preparing the project in order to bring a little bit of nature into your home. Continue reading and get inspired with our 5 true tips!

Analyze the area destined for the project

Start with the basics: choosing the location. If your focus is on creating a beautiful garden, the idea is to choose a flat and sunny environment, as this greatly facilitates the cultivation and maintenance of species. Flat soils favor irrigation and nutrient absorption by plants, making them grow better and faster. Also, make sure that there is an accessible water point in the area, which will make everything more practical for irrigation.

If you want to see your flower garden at any time of the year, never choose a fully shaded place to plant the species. Most plants need about six hours a day of direct sunlight to grow healthy and showy. Therefore, when preparing the project, analyze the points of solar incidence very well, prioritizing the places that receive more radiation before noon.

Define the size and shape of the garden

What is your intention? Make a large orchard, a small vegetable garden, a winter garden, or a vertical garden? Define what the focus of your landscaping project will be and, from there, concentrate on the other functionalities in the area. If you have pets at home, vertical gardens are the smartest choice, preventing pets from getting in the way of cultivation.

For those who have a larger space, you can dare a little more and plant fruit trees, complementing the surroundings with armchairs and stools for rest. To make a traditional vegetable garden, the landscapers recommend having at least six square meters of free land, which favors the diversity of species. But nothing prevents you from planting your favorite vegetables in a smaller and very charming corner.

Choose your plants correctly

Just as it is important to think about a style of decoration for your project, it is also essential to choose the most suitable species for the type of garden. They should dialogue with the surrounding decorative pieces, creating a visual unity for the landscaping and bringing more harmony to the composition. For this to be possible, just look at aspects such as colors and sizes of species.

Invest in lighting design

There is no point in defining a beautiful concept of landscaping if you forget the lighting project. This aspect gives that final touch to the project, valuing the species and highlighting specific decorative elements, such as works of art and furniture from the surroundings. Position the beams strategically so that they are functional at night, as this helps to ensure the safety of the area.

Try to mark the garden paths with indirect lighting. If there are steps, increase the light intensity to make the place more comfortable. A well-designed lighting project, in addition to making everything functional, also contributes to creating an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the environment at any time of the day.

Bet on beautiful furniture and decorative objects

When we talk about landscaping tips, we must not forget the most prominent elements: the furniture in the outdoor area. When well-chosen, they bring sophistication, refinement, and a lot of comforts to the garden. But be careful: as it is an open place and subject to weather conditions, such as rain and strong wind, be careful when choosing.

The parts must be made of moisture-resistant material, such as aluminum. If you choose wooden furniture, make sure that the raw material has received waterproofing treatment. A great suggestion is to set up a pergola with a glass roof and decorate it with armchairs and ottomans for resting. If your outdoor area has a pool, consider making a woody deck to position the loungers, making the place more practical and cozy.


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